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Please urge your local MP's to sign EDM 849 as below.

Jeremy Corbyn
Andrew George

That this House congratulates the Woodcraft Folk for its 80-year
long contribution to the development of the youth of this country
toward active citizenship; notes that this national organisation is
one of the few that have truly empowered young people via its
commitment to international understanding through well recognised
children's and youth exchanges; also notes that in the year of the
volunteer the Woodcraft Folk is featured as an exemplary case study
on the Government's Sustainable Development website; and is alarmed
that despite all these facts Woodcraft Folk funding from the
Department for Education and Skills through the National Voluntary
Youth Organisations Grant Scheme has been withdrawn in this current
funding round and in the current funding round for the next three
years; and calls upon the Government to review this decision as a
matter of urgency so that the valuable work of the Woodcraft Folk
can continue.

here is the letter i sent to my MP's, please go to and write to yours. (remember if you have
2 adresses to write to both!)

Dear Richard Allan,

I am writing to ask you to sign Early Day Motion 849, propsed by
Jeremy Corbyn and Andrew George, about the withdrawl of DFES / NVYO
grant funding from the Woodcraft Folk. The Woodcraft Folk is a youth
organisation encorporating the spirit of co-operation and respect
amongst its members. It encourages young people to think for
themselves, and respect the environment and humanity. I have been a
member since i was a child and has certainly helped me to become a
'morally aware' person.
The Woodcraft Folk have also made many resources about sustainability
and the fair treatment of refugees which are used not only by its
members, but also many teachers.
I urge you to sign this motion,

Yours sincerely,
Victoria Wakefield-Jarrett
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